What is Safe Cash?

Safe Cash technology powers banks, merchants and consumers.

Instantly send and receive money and tokens worldwide.

  • With you Everywhere

    The Safe Cash wallet works with

    most browsers, iOS and Android,

    anywhere there's Internet.

  • Secure & Instant

    State of the art blockchain

    technology secures your wallet and

    transactions. Your transaction is

    finalized in less than 5 seconds.

  • Certified Funds

    Once confirmed, there's no

    way to undo a transaction and

    the money is yours!

Safe Cash offers merchants increased business and profits from our unique and secure payment system. Process cash payments faster than most payment systems (in less than 5 seconds) with greater security and immediate settlement. Because Safe Cash functions a lot like cash, there are no chargebacks, bounced checks or other problems collecting your money. When you get the confirmed message after a few seconds, the money is yours!

- One-click shopping

- Analytics

- Customer Acquisition

- Customer Retention

Today’s businesses need to be able to serve customers anywhere, whether they are on a mobile phone, computer, at your store front or anywhere in the world. Safe Cash works wherever the consumer and merchant have a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

Merchants enjoy substantial benefits:

  • Private. Safe Cash offers much better privacy than most other payments systems.

  • Secure. Only you have your secret codes. No customer payment information is stored. Your customer’s payment information stays secure with your customer.

  • No special hardware required. Use any mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. No terminal required.

  • Use any web browser. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

  • Works for online businesses. Tool set to include Safe Cash payments in your normal online payment flow.

  • Supports retail point of sale business. No terminal required. Just print out your QR code and you are ready to take.

  • Fast approval. No credit or background checks, you just need a bank account and ID.

  • Low transaction fees. Cheaper than credit or most debit cards.

  • Immediate settlement. Why wait overnight or a few days for your money?

  • No reserve or hold back account. The money is yours within seconds.

  • No chargebacks. You deal directly with your customer and set your company policies.

  • Works worldwide. Send money anywhere that has Internet and computers, which is everywhere. Take your business global.

  • No cash handling costs. It’s already in your account. You don’t need to count it, hire a security guard or armored car, drive it to the bank or make a deposit.

  • Lower employee theft. Money comes in, but you have to approve money that goes out.

Safe Cash is great for merchants with customers who value privacy and security, as well as those doing business internationally. It’s perfect for businesses that accept cash and can save substantial amounts compared to traditional credit card payment systems. If you would like to get more information about how to start benefiting from Safe Cash, please contact your local Safe Cash enabled bank or contact@safe.cash.

Safe Cash offers banks and other licensed money businesses new profit potential from a unique and secure business model that will add to assets, create valuable services and generate new customers using the Safe Cash Suite:

- Tokenization and Digital Wallet

- Analytics

- Customer Acquisition

- Customer Retention

We use the latest secure digital payment technology to provide utility and security far beyond that offered by current payment networks. Our tokenization system offers true end to end security with high throughput and efficiency. Designed to work with your current banking infrastructure, it transforms a standard demand deposit account into a secure digital cash account with worldwide utility.

Bank customers make a deposit and the bank issues tokens; the funds remain on the bank’s balance sheet. Tokens are circulated between consumers, merchants and licensed money businesses.

The Safe Cash Suite offers many benefits to banks:

  • Acquire new customers.

  • Enables new business models and revenue streams. Rapidly develop web tools for specific use cases with REST API's

  • Integrates with your existing platform

  • Digital cash​. Send electronically with computers, tablets or mobile devices. Settlement for tens of thousands of transactions per second in under five seconds

  • Tokens are fully collateralized​.

  • Increase your assets​. Keeping the cash in the bank improves your balance sheet. Today, when your customer makes a cash withdrawal, the cash leaves your bank and it’s gone. With Safe Cash, the cash stays in your bank, earning interest and protecting your shareholders and customers.

  • Security​. State of the art encryption and high-performance blockchain technology secures each token and wallet.

  • Merchant acquisition. Provides useful analytics and tools that allow the merchant to communicate directly with their customer, increasing sales and transaction fees.

  • Permanent, cryptographically secure audit trail​. Using the latest blockchain technology, a permanent and immutable electronic record is created and automatically backed up in multiple locations. Records are kept of every transaction enabling real time compliance

To learn more about Safe Cash for your financial institution, please contact chris@safe.cash or vuk@safe.cash.

Safe.Cash is provided by the Safe.Cash Foundation, Liechtenstein. Supported by the Safe.Cash community.